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Easter in Eastern Europe – Budapest Danube Cruise at its finest. Growing up I always had an idea on what this so-called ’Eastern Europe’ must be like. It wasn’t until recently I have finally got to see it and I must say it was love at first sight.

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Meet With Tradition and Hungarian Culture || Dinner cruise

I had spent a few years in London before and had befriend a Hungarian girl that was very eager to accommodate me for a few days. So I bought my ticket and was flying down to the heart of Europe. Suzy was lovely and happy to show me around but after a day we realised that there’s never going be enough of this city. Suzy had to work the following two days so I was on my own, discovering and exploring a city and desperately trying to seem like a local.

It was not until my last but one day that I came across something that I had never really be interested in before. A Budapest boat trip.

Generally, I try to avoid going mainstream tourist on the places I visit, but for some reason this boat seemed so appealing, I just had to get on board of this Sightseeing Cruise.

So I did.

My Budapest Danube Cruise experience began with ordering a glass of wine and taking a seat on the top deck. The boat was not to crowded but it did not take away from the overall Budapest Danube Cruise adventure.
During this good hour of sightseeing I kept on being dazzled by everything around me, I sipped at my wine, took a few photos and had an overall great time.
As we were heading for the dock on our way back I could not help feeling that I did not have enough of that breath taking panorama or the Budapest Danube Cruise as a whole.
So at the end of the cruise I decided to surprise my friend and sign her up for an encore cruise.

Dinner and boat trip

At the dock there were lots of Budapest Danube Cruise options to choose from so after a bit of pondering I went for the Folklore and Operetta Show.
It was the same day’s evening and my friend and I were yet again at the dock waiting for Budapest Danube Cruise with Dinner begin. Suzy in spite of having been born and raised in Budapest even she could not deny its overwhelming beauty.
Once on the boat we were escorted to our tables and my second round of the day started shortly after.

We were served a starter, a soup a main course and a yummy dessert. We had some wine and chatted throughout this Budapest Danube Cruise.
The performance of the night was also top notch, a group of merry musicians and dancers let us sneak a peek into Hungarian culture and music.

As dinner and this mini concert went on we were continuously sailing past the wonders of Budapest until we eventually reached Dock 11. Because unfortunately like all good things in life, this Budapest Danube Cruise came to an end.

It was truly a wonderful day and I cannot wait to return to the city and take another Budapest Danube Cruise.

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